The Path to Prosperity: Where to Start?

There are three levels of Financial Development:

1. Survival

Doing whatever it takes to stay afloat (Not Enough)

2. Stability

Generating enough cash flow to meet your needs, eliminate debt and protect your future (Enough)

3. Affluence

Accumulating ample disposable income to live life on your terms and make a difference in the world (More than Enough)

Where do you fit in?

Read the descriptions below to determine your starting point:

If you are...

  • mired in credit card or consumer debt
  • not making enough to cover expenses
  • just able to cover expenses with no room for extras
  • feeling out of control with money, living from paycheck to paycheck
... then it’s time to move from:

Survival to Stability!
From Not Enough to Enough.
Get Started

Or you are...

  • out of debt, but still insecure about money
  • making a reliable income, but desire more
  • wanting to get smarter about investing
  • yearning to use your talents/money to make a difference in the world
... then you’re ready to make the leap from:

Stability to Affluence!
From Enough to More than Enough.
Make the Leap

Still not Sure?

Take the quiz and find an array of helpful tools on this site for each level.