Webinar Series On Creating, Managing, And Sustaining A Spending Plan.

Do you ever wonder where your money goes each month or what to do with the data you’ve collected through tracking? Or, how much you actually need to earn for both emotional and financial security?

You will get the answers in this 5-week webinar by doing the outer work of mastering your daily finances.

This 5-week webinar is facilitated by Carrie Friedberg, the SF Money Coach, and designed for graduates of Overcoming Underearning® Level 1. Registration is open to any woman with no prerequisite.

  • Next Session Begins: April 6, 2016
  • Free Q&A Preview Call: March 30, 2016
  • Time: 7pm ET/4pm PT

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Create a Healthy and Sustainable Relationship With Money

I hand picked master money coach, Carrie Friedberg to show you how to create a healthy and sustainable relationship to money. Carrie is the perfect guide for you based on her personal journey with finances, career, her deep inner work, her extensive financial counselor training, and her unwavering commitment to helping people feel good about money.

The OU2 classes were well-paced and immediately showed me how and why this process is different from purely numbers-based systems. The reasoning is practical and really addresses the ‘financial recoverers’ where they ARE, not where they should be. Also, when Carrie answered questions, it was in-depth and very to the point. The primary take-away for me was the concept of saving my way out of debt. I appreciated the visual explanations of the Debt & Savings Pyramids and how they translated into Money Minder — these tools and distinctions were life-changing (no exaggeration)! — Elinora, OU Level 2 Grad

Highly-Practical, Hands-On Process

You will engage in a highly practical, hands-on process for gaining and maintaining financial clarity. You will learn how to create, manage and sustain a spending plan (i.e. budget) and begin to build meaningful savings.

Carrie will teach participants how to do so using the Money Minder® Software — a sophisticated cloud-based holistic financial tracking software. Check it out at: www.moneyminderonline.com. It was developed by Karen McCall, who was my mentor as well as Carrie’s mentor.

Carrie has a very compassionate, yet practical and non-judgmental approach to helping her clients get clear on where their money is going. I enjoyed working with her because she is very straightforward. I never felt judged by her at all. She offers support, practical advice and encouragement no matter where you’re at.

I worked with Carrie as part of an on line course called OU2 — Overcoming Underearning 2. It was a webinar designed to teach how to track your money in the Money Minder software and plan better for the future. Since August 2014 when I took the class, I have found that by following her advice I have much better clarity on where my money is going. I have a history of not saving, and of spending beyond my means and then wondering — where did it all go? I wanted to put an end to that cycle. It can be scary to start really looking at how you spend money.

For the first time in my life, I track regularly, created an emergency savings account and a periodic savings account, and know exactly how much I spend every single month. For the first time ever, I am able to pay off credit card debt AND also save. I am currently putting my tax refund in savings for the first time ever in my life. Thank you Carrie for your tremendous help and advice!” — Laurel OU2 Level 2 Grad

“Thank you Carrie, this has been an amazing 5-weeks for me. I have learned so much about myself and have let go of some tough tendencies, like perfectionism. I used to not want to know what was going on in my financial life and now, the clarity I’ve gained feels amazing and I want to feel this empowered everywhere.” — Radhika, OU Level 2 Grad

“Carrie, I think you’ve done an amazing job and you’re so skillful. I have really appreciated the chance to work with you in this process. Your use and translation of the Money Minder tools has been incredibly helpful — I learned a tremendous amount. You offered a whole bunch of information, but also you helped me relax with the process. This topic is a tough one and I really appreciate your style and way of being supportive while guiding us on the rigorous path of clearing the money fog. You can’t pretend with this stuff. It’s very sobering, but I think you’re great at what you do. It’s been such an amazing journey. Thank you for your generosity.” — Alison, OU Level 2 Grad

For more testimonials about Carrie click here.

Overcoming Underearning® Level Two: Engaging the Numbers

Students will learn how to:

  • how to customize and master a powerful financial tool for your current and ideal lifestyle
  • create and manage a monthly and annual spending plan (i.e. budget)
  • determine how much money is truly available to put towards debt and savings
  • develop personal money practices
  • continue on the path of building the financial life of your dreams

Your Registration in OU2 Includes:

  • 5 Weekly 60-minute Live Webinar
  • Extra Time for Discussion and Q&A
  • Four 45-minute Instructional Videos to watch at your convenience
  • Community Support on a confidential Facebook page
  • Ongoing Access to all live class recordings and instructional videos — You can always submit questions via email if you can’t attend a live class
  • One year of reduced rate 1-1 coaching with Carrie

You will need to purchase the personal version of the Money Minder. Click here to purchase. Highly recommended reading — Karen McCall’s book Financial Recovery for the class. Click here to purchase.

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Overcoming Underearning® Level Two: Course Outline

Week One: How to Develop a Personal Money Practice

  • Self-Care and Financial Wellness

Video #1: Customizing the Money Minder

  • Lifestyle Categories
  • Setting up your Accounts / Registers

Week Two: Three Levels of Savings: Periodic, Safety Net and Investments

  • Periodic Expenses Calendar

Video #2: Initiating your first Money Minder Spending Plan

  • Summary page: “If I spend, save and earn according to this plan, how much money will I have left at the end of the month? Will this plan work?”
  • Entering transactions: employ your personal money practice for financial clarity

Week Three: Needs & Wants / Desires

  • Vision Board
  • Shopping Journal

Video #3: Mid-Month Adjustments

  • Action plan

Week Four: Debt Reduction & Prevention

  • Cushions for Emotional and Financial Security

Video #4: Net worth

  • Reports
  • Annual Spending Plan
  • Fixed and Recurring expenses

Week Five: Personal Finances Reminders

  • Healthy Decision Making
  • Earning Power and Potential
  • Self-Care Review
  • Wrap Up

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  • Next Session Begins: April 6, 2016
  • Times: 7 pm Eastern / 4 pm Pacific
  • Dates:  Wednesdays—4/6, 4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 5/04
  • Required Course Materials: $6 for Monthly Minder Subscription and $12 for Financial Recovery by Karen McCall, to be purchased separately
  • Payment Plan Available: 2 Payments of $250 (choose in shopping cart)

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Cancellation Policy: You may cancel up to one week prior to the beginning of the class and receive a full refund.

More About Carrie Friedberg

Carrie Friedberg, M.A. is a certified money coach and a former kindergarten teacher, chief of staff and yoga instructor. Carrie is an authority on multiple intelligences, personality types and is a nationally competitive tennis player.

At age 30, Carrie realized she had never balanced a checkbook, been able to stick to a budget or sustain savings. So began her quest for a financial education. She read books, tried Quicken, Mint, traditional financial therapy and even designed her own financial tracking software to no avail.

At a friend’s suggestion, Carrie hired a money coach and, finally, found what she had been looking for. For the first time in her life, Carrie had access to essential financial tools, distinctions and awareness as well as an accountability partner to help her look at the emotional side and psychology of money.

The effects were so profound and inspiring that Carrie completed the intensive financial counseling training program at the Financial Recovery Institute led by Karen McCall, Barbara Stanny’s mentor. Carrie doubled her income during her first year as a money coach. She now lives a life of financial integrity, empowerment and most importantly, peace of mind about money.

Please contact Carrie directly for rates and more information about her coaching programs. Email: carrie@sfmoneycoach.com.