OYTW 2017
Barbara Stanny

Become a Savvy Investor and a Wealth Builder...as a Woman!

  • Do you want to learn about investments but don’t know where to begin?
  • Do you have investments but don’t understand how they work?
  •  In one simple step a month, over the next year, I will show you how to become a Wealth Builder.

I have been an active investor for over 27 years. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. And I’ve learned a lot from every one of them. I’m very proud of the wealth I’ve built and the knowledge I have, despite the fact I spent the first 40 years of my life in a financial fog.

Many of you know my story. I was born into wealth, but never wanted to deal with money. Finances intimidated me. I just wanted to spend it. My husband took care of everything. But I discovered, midway through our 15 year marriage, he was a compulsive gambler who was gambling away my inheritance. Even then I still let him make all the financial decisions. I felt too stupid to do otherwise. After our divorce, I got tax bills for over one million dollars which I didn’t have. My husband had left the country. My father refused to help. I had 3 daughters. I was not going to raise them on the streets. I knew I had to get smart about money. And I did. And I’ve been helping women do the same for over 20 years.

I want to teach you the same process I followed to become a savvy investor. And I want to hold your hand every step of the way. I realize that, for some of you, investing seems daunting, risky, unfathomable…so easy to ignore, to put off, not think about.

My goal is to show how simple (and fun!) investing can be by breaking it down into very small chunks.

What You Will Learn in One Year to Wealth...Becoming a Savvy Investor

I want YOU to know the enormous freedom, immense security, the incalculable peace of mind and the unbelievable confidence that I now experience.

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You will completely understand the basics of investing, how simple it is.

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You will be able to speak the language of investing like a seasoned investor.

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You will have lots of support every step of the way, from me, from other women like you.

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You will learn how to take the gambling out of investing, minimize risk while maximizing gain, no matter how the markets are performing.

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You will be in a wonderful position to engage in philanthropy, helping people you love and causes that matter to you.

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You will feel an incredible sense of power as you become a savvy investor.

Katharina Feil

Every now and then life presents us with a game changer. Barbara is such a person. 1Y2W , for me, marked a new beginning. Barbara handed me the tools to discover how my mind approaches money, how money fog works and when it arises and when old stories dictate my approach to money today. After almost a year of 1Y2W I feel equipped to talk about money ( I never did), to approach finance professionals ( I never dared) and to manage my assets ( I never even knew them.) Within the supportive and exciting environment Barbara created, it became possible to see my emotions as a part of my money story. With the course almost done, there is no end in sight. My money explorations have only just begun and they will last a lifetime. My role, going forward, is clear: to nourish myself, my family and the world. All emotions are welcome! Thank you!!! 

~~ Katharina Feil

Here's how the course works:

On the first Wednesday of each month (now known as Wealthy Wednesday) there will be a group call in which we’ll explore one of the 12 steps to become a Wealth Builder, with plenty of time for discussion, coaching and questions. **Note: You can join these calls by phone or via your computer!

These are the steps we'll cover:

  • Commit−Commit to one financial goal. Find an accountability partner. 
  •  Educate−Read and talk to others. Suggested resources and terms to learn
  •  Overcome Resistance−Observe your resistance. Learn to work through it.
  •  Track−Keep track of your spending; put it in categories. 
  •  Clarify−Get clarity on income, outflow, debt, retirement, savings, etc. 
  •  Plan−Figure out the best asset allocation based on your needs/goals. 
  •  Stretch−Understand the real meaning of risk, how to minimize loss/maximize gain.
  •  Automate−Automatically have money transferred to savings/investments. 
  •  Monitor−Read your statements; meet with your advisors. 
  •  Get Support−Find others on this journey with you; talk about money. 
  •  Give−Explore the legacy you wish to leave.
  •  Celebrate−The powerful woman you’ve become. 

Here's what's included in One Year to Wealth:

  • We'll kick off with a special LIVE call, January 24, 2017: Set Your Intentions. I'll share my intentions for the course and an orientation on how the course will work.
  • 1st Wednesday of each month (Wealthy Wednesday) we'll dive into one of the 12 steps to becoming a Wealth Builder in a group call, with time for Q&A.
  • 3rd Wednesday of each month you'll receive a recorded interview with a different financial expert
  • Every day you'll receive support from the private Facebook group
  • The opportunity to work with an accountability partner to help you stay on track
  • Immediate access to my personal **Wealth-Building Library ($399 Value)
  • Lifetime access to recordings and resource materials used in the course.

All of this support will minimize, if not eliminate, the confusion, fear, resistance and stress that finances tend to arouse. You’ll gain confidence, clarity, excitement and fun around your finances.

By the end of this year (if not before), you will be well on your to Building Wealth. And if my experience is any indicator, you’ll be saying what every Wealth Builder says when they finally get there−I feel so Powerful!

And that, above all is what One Year to Wealth is all about.

Barbara Stanny

Register by January 24th and join Barbara for a LIVE Set Your Intentions Call!


One Year to Wealth (year-long course):

$997 or 11 easy monthly payments of $97

One Year to Wealth PLUS 3 one-hour private coaching sessions:

$1,997 or 11 easy monthly payments of $197

Wealth-Building Library

**Wealth-Building Library Includes:

  • Wealth Building 101: a two-part webinar that greatly simplifies the basics of investing
  • Finding a Financial Advisor You Can Trust: a guide to help find the right financial professional for you
  • The Psychology of Money: an audio recording about the Inner Work of Wealth
Ronna Vigil

"This class has absolutely, positively changed my life for the better! It was well worth the time and money I invested in it. The biggest benefit I have received from the One Year to Wealth Program is the sense of empowerment I feel. 

 When I first signed up I wondered whether or not I was a good candidate for the class. I worried that I didn’t have enough money or knowledge to participate. However, by taking the class I now have more money, more knowledge, more comfort and confidence with my personal finances. I feel excited about my financial future! I have a focused financial plan. AND I feel more powerful, more positive, and hopeful than ever before! 

 You’re right, it’s not just about the money. It’s so much more!!!! And it’s exciting!! Thank you Barbara! "~~Ronna Vigil

Celeste Lane

 This course looks deceptively simple: 12 steps about investing that didn’t sound much like investing to me: commit, educate, track.. I thought we should be learning big investing words or equations. Turns out, Barbara’s methods are exactly right on, again.

 The class gave me a strong foundation of basic investing principles, language and concepts. Equally important, it gave me a better understanding of the role of powerful emotions that must be managed in order to successfully invest.

 Even those with a lot of investing experience will learn from Barbara. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to be responsible for their financial future and has questions or fear about it, or doesn’t know how to begin. ~~Celeste Lane

One Year to Wealth (year-long course):

$997 or 11 easy monthly payments of $97

One Year to Wealth PLUS 3 one-hour private coaching sessions:

$1,997 or 11 easy monthly payments of $197

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